I freaking love you

Wow... a third blog entry about you, wait... isn't that some kind of freaky medical condition? Anyways, see how special you are to me? I'm writing yet another post that shows how completely, utterly, and truly in love I am with you...everyday is better than the last, and this is just the beginning.

Over the last few months, you and I have learned so much about one another... We share so many things in common, so many stories to tell...How could you help but think that there's a higher plan to us meeting? You understand me, and accepts me for who I am, flaws and all. You have made it easy for me to fall in love with you, to need you, and to accept you too, unconditionally. We never planned for this, it was all so unexpected, but I guess real love is like that. I'm right where I belong, in your arms, and I'm in yours.

You are my best friend, my confidant, my lover, and so much more... I can't picture my
life without you now, and I don't want to...

Thank you for coming into my
life baby... thank you for being everything that you are, and most of all, thank you for giving our love a chance to grow. I know that we can make it all work, together,side by side.

You are, without a doubt, my every dream come true, my every wish granted, and my every prayer answered. I love you baby, forever and ever, and a day...

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- A n g e l - said...

Yay! Cheers to love! ♥